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Our products are available for sale through the FastSpring Affiliate Network. Become a One Periodic affiliate and get a 20% commission everytime your website referal produces a sale. It is easy and straightforward to sell our products. Simply display the product information and Buy Now link on your website and enjoy the payoff.

Guaranteed affiliate commission

When a visitor follows a link or banner from your website, FastSpring automatically keeps track of your Affiliate ID for 120 calendar days. This means that even if a visitor does not purchase on the spot when he returns during the 120 days, your commission is guaranteed.

Simply sell!

There is nothing to worry about! There is nothing you need to store or keep track of, no questions for you to answer, no support to provide. FastSpring and One Periodic take care of everything from the ordering process to after-sales customer support. FastSpring also provides you with comprehensive affiliate reports that will show exactly how you perform.

Monthly payments

Your commissions are paid every month, either transferred to your FastSpring Prepaid Debit MasterCard or sent via check, PayPal or wire transfer.

Start selling now!

Promote us in every way you can, either by using your website, newsletter or blog. Remember, your chances of making easy money increase with every referral link you generate.

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More Questions

For more information on the FastSpring affiliate program, visit the FastSpring affiliate web page.

If you have further questions or need any assistance, you may or our online payment processor, FastSpring at .