Sharpen your photos

Sharpen your photos

Using Back In Focus, quickly increase the sharpness of your photos by using the widely unsharp masking technique; a flexible and powerful way to increase sharpness.

Recover lost details

Recover lost details

For more advanced refocusing, use one of the deconvolution algorithms to recover lost details. Back In Focus makes it easy to combine all refocusing techniques.

Repair your out of focus photos

Back In Focus is an application allowing to refocus blurry images. If you ever took a great photo only to find out it is slightly blurry, Back In Focus can help you get it back in focus!

Try it, it's free and easy

The best way to find out if Back In Focus suits your needs is to download the latest version and try the demonstration mode. Also, make sure you read the following to learn about all the amazing features.

What can Back In Focus do for you?

Back In Focus features:

  • Supports most image formats
  • Enables recovery of details smaller than the blur size
  • Makes it easy to explore different deconvolution algorithms
  • Has tools to refocus only the blurred area

Back In Focus implements advanced deconvolution technologies to recover lost details. It is best used before any image manipulation. Currently implemented algorithms:

  • Unsharp masking (fast and full)
  • Wiener finite and infinite impulse response
  • Richardson-Lucy (with a thresholding variant)
  • Linear algebra deconvolution

Back In Focus in a few steps:

Start the application, and drag & drop your photo:

Move to an area to deblur and either double-click or switch to the deblur mode then click. Explore the different algorithms with the keyboard arrows or your mouse and adjust masking if needed:

Brush the refocused image over (or use apply all), repeat with different areas as needed:

Save the result: