Brightness, contrast and saturation

Adjust all of your images to perfection.

Crop, rotate and resize

Tweak your photos size and orientation.

Change filenames

Rename all of your images at once, or add a suffix to existing filenames.

All major photo formats

Use your original filetypes, or instantly convert to jpeg, png or tiff.

Photo Batch 1.0.2

Released 11/07/2012

Photo Batch 1.0.2 features general improvements.

  • Fix in licenses window: Now the user's name is visible
  • Fix in scale by Maximum Pixels' height
  • Miscellaneous other minor fixes and improvments

Photo Batch 1.0.1

Released 09/13/2012

Photo Batch 1.0.1 features general improvements.

  • Added small button next to the destination folder path to reveal it in finder
  • Added option "Open Destination Folder When done" in the Preferences
  • Miscellaneous minor fixes

Photo Batch 1.0

Released 08/14/2012

Photo Batch 1.0 initial release.

  • First public release